A big family always in travel

We respect vineyards’ authenticity, their cycles of growth and capacity of production.

We grow: Primitivo, Negroamaro, Susumaniello, Aleatico, Fiano, Malvasia, Verdeca from which arise long-life elixirs recalling the fragrance of our Mediterranean masquis and notes of Est.

From cultivation to vinification we gather what we called “yesterday’s consciousness” and intuition of tomorrow for bringing wine to life.
It is made possible with the contribution of our experts who help in our wines’ production.

We have different wines, but singly inteses.

They are exported and appreciated in 40 country in the world.


  • Pietra Menhir Salento

    A dense story: difficult to graze and as rough as Pietra wines

    They are a homage to our territory.

  • Pietra

    Anthem of a frontier earth

    Red fruits and cinnamon bouquet, warm and soft taste.

  • Primitivo di Manduria DOC

    Generous embrace inflames the word

    It is an intense ruby wine with a bouquet of amaerene, hay and vanilla.

  • Salice Salentino

    Dreams are signs

    Elegant and fruity wine. It has a bouquet of blueberry, hibiscus and sage. Supplì taste of almond.

  • Susumaniello

    Simple and pure time travel

    It is the result of Susumaniello authentic vineyard and a purity wine-making. 

  • Rosato

    Intonation of sunset

    Cherry-red wine: it has a fruity bouquet, raspberry and bonbon candy.

Filo e Vega

  • Filo

    Harmonious complexity

    Filo is obtained from late vintage grapes. It has harmony and equilibrium of taste and perfumes.

  • Vega

    Bright Star

    Vega is one the brightest stars in the firmament of Menhir Salento production.


Pass-O  has a complex bouquet of mature white fruits, flowers and jasmine. These notes remember a summer walk into Salento countryside. The fragrant and persistent notes make Pass-O perfect with aromatic plates.



Sale is perfect for strong, fresh cheeses and for raw fish. This wine has savory and fresh taste and it is quite persistent. It also has a flowery and fruity bouquet of: peach, melon, mango and narcissus flowers.

I Classici vini Menhir

  • Albanegra

    Dawn is the moment of the day in which nature unleashes its perfumes. And Albanegra is here to tell this sensorial experience.

  • Calamuri

    There are wisdom and experience in all that is ancient. The older vineyards adapt themselves to the climatic adversities producin grapes of a sincere quality.

  • Primitivo

    It is the symbol of the hospitality of pir earth. Primitivo has rich bouquet of amarene, hay and liquorice and has a soft and persisten taste.

  • Salice Salentino

    Wine is elegant and complex: our Salice Salentino has fruity and spucy bouquet with notes of cherry and pepper.

  • Salice Salentino Riserva

    24 months of barrel give to this wine a mature red fruits, leather and cocoa bouquet.

  • Verdeca

    Verdeca grapes love poor and rocky grounds. Its strenght is expressed by its characteristic mineral taste.

It starts from zero, it starts with...




N° Zero

N° Zero is poetry written in one the the best vineyard we have: Negroamaro. Ruby red wine: its bouquet, its persisting taste evoke the ancient history of our place.




Quota 29

Primitivo is the first gift given by Sun to our soil. Its grapes ripen early and produce one of the jewels of the repertoire oenological of our territory.

Il Mandorlo





It is a ruby wine with deep purple tones. It has amarene and liquorice fragrances.





It is a ruby wine with deep purple tones and its bouquet is caracheterized by red fruits with herbaceous taste.




Malvasia Nera

It is a ruby wine with a bouquet of red flowers, blueberries and cherries. It has fresh and balanced taste.

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