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Gaetano Marangelli

Finding future looking at the past.


As a lifelong explorer, dreamer, and insatiable traveler, Gaetano’s intrinsic curiosity and affinity for history, art, and culture have served as a constant source of inspiration. 

Gaetano has developed and continues to nurture a work environment which respects the moral and economic dignity of human beings, a guiding principle of his personality and of his vision for the winery.
He implements an ideal of business to enhance the work, the wine, the territory, and its people. Work is a combination of intelligence, responsibility and passion of people, a key asset to success.

Gaetano Marangelli was born in Triggiano, Apulia, on February 7th, 1963. He is a hardworking and tireless traveler: a dedicated husband and a devoted father to his young daughter Anna and to his son, Pietro.

Personas di Origano

  • Alfredo De Luca


    Expert in computers finds himself in cooking. He worked in London improving gastronomic techniques. Now chef in Origano.

  • Antonio Guarini

    Food selector

    From a scientific past he becomes sommelier for passion: this becomes devotion and now he selects Origano's products.

Miriam Daniele

Brand Ambassador
“Shape is substance!”

Teetotal until 2013, she met Gaetano on the same year. Shortly after, she finds herself to embrace her wonderful children, Anna and Pietro, main characters in the most emotional moments of her life.
“Wine” turns to be the interpret of this family and corporate story. 

Miriam has developed and continues to nurture the concepts of ethics and aesthetics and she has built a specific and dedicated branch within the company, focused on hospitality and relationships. For this reason, the vineyards host precious vegetable gardens, fresh oak trees and aromatic gardens.

People from Menhir

  • Nicola Posa


    Son of winegrowers, studies gastronomy, becames expert of floricolture and olivecolture. In the farm he works as winegrower.

  • Giusi Giracello

    Sales Manager

    Grown in Germany. Lover of journey, food and wine. Giusi’s hallmarks are a fundamental presence inside the company.

  • Vincenzo Foscarini

    Warehouse responsable

    Technical of laboratory, becomes Store Managaer in mass market. He works in Menhir since 2010 and contributes to its growth.

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