Generous pantry of plaisure

Origano is a concept of hospitality that embraces genuineness of food, aesthetic of taste and authenticity of couisin.
Quality is always on first place: we make our dishes as sincerely as the matter we extract from the ground.  
In fact, what we serve on table originates from our Anna Organic Farm.
The lounge, the small room and the garden:
every space protects the atmosphere of south civilization.
We have dressed our eighteenth-century residence trying to capture the charm of our territory.

Osteria Origano gives life to a frontier cousin that has found its perfect formula putting together tradition and innovation. Thanks to this armony we preserve little pleausure made of sensations, tastes and colours.
 Our Store is the pantry open to our clients and enthusiast customers who wants to taste typical specialities.

What to taste and what to expect

  • Seafood cousin

    We know so many ways to make unforgettable the taste of best fished.

  • Rustic cousin.

    Respect the territory is our motto: this view helps to reinvent dishes without forgetting tradition.

  • Origano’s pantry.

    We select the finest gastronomic specialties coming from the whole world.

  • In-house Winery.

    All Menhir wine catalogue is on your disposition: just open Origano’s door. 

Young experience.

Alfredo de Luca is our Chef. Born in 1982, he’s the oldest of his efficent brigade de couisin. With Antonio Guarini – Food & Wine manager – and an expert staff Alfredo contributes to Origano’s succes.

Our daily dedication makes the success possible: Origano is awarded by excellent reviews. So, it entertains thousand of Italian and foreigners visitors every year.

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