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Once Upon Tomorrow in Puglia.

     Consciousness of yesterday and intuition of tomorrow.


Our land is an amazing universe, hidden by a parsimonious sunny region: complaisant in its slow rhythms as the Scirocco, but hard-working as the North wind.

We have done treasure of limits and opportunity.
When we work a new ground, 
when we breathe life to a wine, 
when we create new dishes, 
we do it with the awareness to have built a new road.
Ideas make simple gestures better.
A good story is the one that best explains life.

Menhir's Wines Portfolio

Our wines respect the vineyard’s authenticity: Primitivo, Negroamato, Susumaniello, Aleatico, Fiano, Malvasia and Verdeca.

Discover our harmonious, balanced and singly intense wines.

Dalla terra di Anna Organic Farm alla vostra tavola, il passo è breve.

  • L'orto

    Il rispetto dei cicli naturali delle piante rappresenta - come valore assoluto - la nostra idea di agricoltura sostenibile.

  • Le piante officinali

    Ci piace riscoprire e tutelare tantissime specie botaniche tipiche della macchia mediterranea.

  • Il frutteto

    Stagione dopo stagione, ogni piccolo gesto dà origine a un raccolto di emozioni.

In Puglia is born our family’s idea.

The brothers Gaetano and Vito Marangelli have had a specific view of business due to a journey in Salento and so Menhir Salento takes place in 2002.

It starts growing thanks to friends and collaborators, and also to Miriam Daniele: Brand Ambassador who has Salento in her heart.

Menhir Salento is situed in Minervino di Lecce, a hidden town between Maglie and Otranto. It hosts archaeological sites and it is among ancient farms, dolmen, menhir. It is an intact habitat, fertile and wise as the people that reside into it: a soil where agriculture, enology and gastronomy are a marvelous consequence.

Menhir Salento is a destination which embraces three different realities: Menhir Winery, Origano – CIBO e VINO and Organic Farm.
These are united by the vocation to virtue and valorized by a dynamic vision of an efficient model.

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